Minimalist Reflections on Europe, Refugees and Law

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Table of Contents: I. Stilo antico. – II. Perfect storm. – III. Tunnel. – IV. NATO. – V. Weakness. – VI. Deal. – VII. Womenandchildren.

Abstract: It is hard to understand the current developments in European refugee law without the benefit of hindsight. This paper refrains from trying to...

Call for Papers: "The reform of the rules of procedure of the EU Courts" (Conference – Milan, 16 December 2016) – Deadline: 10 August 2016


European Union Law Chairs of the Department of Italian and Supranational Public Law (International and EU Law Section) of the University of Milan (Italy) invites submissions of papers for a Conference on "The reform of the rules of procedure of the EU Courts" that will be held in Milan on 16 December 2016.

The Authors may propose...

Disintegration Through Law?

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This is certainly not the most propitious time to publish a Journal “on Law and Integration”. The Zeitgeist is captured by the European Council in its recent meeting of 18 and 19 February, where it stated that the reference to an “ever closer Europe”, a formula which resounds in every founding instrument from Rome to Lisbon, has no interpretative effect; the...

The European Forum is waiting for your contribution

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The European Forum is designed to be a hotbed of intellectual discussion, a breeding place for ideas, and an indispensable tool for updating and keeping in touch with the latest developments on European integration.

The European Forum aims at being an interlocutor for an open set of recipients. To achieve this aim, it publishes Highlights and Insights...



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