Sociological Shortcomings and Normative Deficits of Regulatory Competition

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Table of Contents: I. Back to the beginnings: the origins of a new paradigm. – II. The conceptual gist of the controversy. – III. “Back to the Nation State” or “More Europe”: Wolfgang Streeck v. Jürgen Habermas. – IV. Institutionalising the united in diversity vision. – V. Instead of an epilogue.

Abstract: This Article proposes a counter-vision to the regulatory competition model, by building upon conflict-laws constitutionalism. This counter-vision seeks to replace the governance via competitive processes with deliberative political interactions. The approach institutionalizes the United in Diversity slogan, representing a sort of third way between the “back to the nation State” idea, strongly supported by Streek and other commentators, and the Habermasian “More Europe”.

Keywords: regulatory competition – united in diversity – European social model – varieties of capitalism – Streek – Habermas.

European Papers, Vol. 4, 2019, No 1, pp. 157-168
2499-8249 - doi: 10.15166/2499-8249/303

* Hertie School of Governance, Berlin; Center for European Politics, Bremen,


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