Policy Coordination in the EU: Taking Stock of the Open Method of Coordination – Introduction

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Abstract: This introduction presents the five Articles of this Special Section that was originally conceived at a workshop entitled “Taking Stock of the Open Method of Coordination” (21stIus Commune Congress, 24-25 November 2016, Maastricht, the Netherlands). With a view to deepening understanding of policy coordination in the EU, the Articles place the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) within the broader system of EU law and competences, explore its application in various EU policy areas, study its different forms and the multiplicity of processes that it involves, draw attention to novel processes of coordination at the EU level, examine the relationship of the OMC with other coordination procedures and mechanisms and verify whether or not the OMC remains a relevant conceptual framework for understanding EU policy coordination.

Keywords: policy coordination – open method of coordination – health care – education – culture – economic governance.

European Papers, Vol. 3, 2018, No 1, pp. 203-205
2499-8249 - doi: 10.15166/2499-8249/214

* SeniorResearch Fellow, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy; Adjunct Faculty Member, Hellenic Open University, epsychogiopoulou@eliamep.gr.


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