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European Papers Jean Monnet Network (EP-JMN)

European Papers - A Journal on Law and Integration
Erasmus+ Programme (2014-2020) - Jean Monnet Network
Project Reference: 610707-EPP-1-2019-1-ES-EPPJMO-NETWORK (Start: 01-09-2019 - End: 31-08-2022)

European Papers: A Journal on Law and Integration was launched in 2016 as an original and ambitious project for reflecting on European integration as a means to create a new political community.
The e-Journal has been promoted by a group of well-known scholars in European law and involves a team of young researchers from several European countries. European Papers is an electronic and open access journal that is not linked to any publisher or private or public institution.
The e-Journal has published three issues per year and hundreds of Insights and Highlights in the European Forum, which constitutes one of the most innovative features of European Papers. The European Forum is an ongoing and open debate on the state of European integration.
The aim of the European Papers Jean Monnet Network (EP-JMN) is to ensure the sustainability of European Papers by strengthening and further developing its activities. The EP-JMN is conceived as a tool to advance the European integration process using European Papers as a platform.
The EP-JMN Partner Universities aspire to go beyond the existing standards of research in EU law and stimulate the debate over the future of the integration process not only in the partner institutions but also at a European and a global level.
The EU-JMN is built on very solid basis since the Universities of Salamanca, Rome (Sapienza and UnitelmaSapienza), Paris (Panthéon-Sorbonne), Amsterdam (VU), Oslo and Groningen are leading universities in the field of European Studies.

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European Papers - A Journal on Law and Integration