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Opinion 1/19, Istanbul Convention:
Exploring Legal Themes and Consequences

17 December 2021 – University of Groningen
Groningen Workshop
registration is free of charge

On 6 October 2021, the Court of Justice delivered Opinion 1/19 concerning the European Union’s accession to the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, better known as the Istanbul Convention. Opinion 1/19 provides essential guidance for the law and practice of mixity and the EU’s external relations capacity in the absence of a common accord of all Member States. In addition, Opinion 1/19 gave rise to many fine, technical issues that are highly relevant to the law of EU external relations.

The aim of this Workshop is to explore the variety of legal themes raised by Opinion 1/19, as well as the broader consequences of the Opinion for the EU’s accession to the Istanbul Convention. In doing so, the workshop seeks to assess the impact of Opinion 1/19 on the law and practice of EU external relations, and to highlight some of the remaining questions and problems that may impact the EU’s and/or the Member States’ future action on the international scene.

The Workshop will take place online. Please, register here.


13:00 - Gesa Kübek & Ramses A. Wessel (University of Groningen) Welcome and short introduction

13:15 - Panel I: External coordination, cooperation and pre-emption

Chair: Yuliya Kaspiarovich (University of Groningen)
Christina Eckes (University of Amsterdam) – Separating Powers in EU External Relations: The practice of ‘common accord’ after Opinion 1/19
Anne Thies (University of Reading) – The principle of effectiveness and EU treaty-making: legal obligations and political aspiration
Merijn Chamon (Maastricht University) – Opinion 1/19, Protocol 21, and the ERTA doctrine
Cécile Rapoport & Isabelle Bosse-Platière (Université de Rennes 1) – Opinion 1/19 from a sincere cooperation perspective

15:15 - Panel II: Common Accord and Mixity

Chair: Ramses A. Wessel (University of Groningen)
Panos Koutrakos (City University London) – Opinion 1/19 on common accord: three themes and a dilemma
Joni Heliskoski (Supreme Administrative Court of Finland) – The practice of common accord and facultative mixity
Andrea Ott (Maastricht University) – Illegal common accords - A Pyrrhus victory of the EP
Gesa Kübek (University of Groningen) – Opinion 1/19 and incomplete mixity

16:45 - Ramses A. Wessel (University of Groningen) – Concluding remarks

The Workshop is part of the activities organised in the framework of the Jean Monnet Network European Papers - A Journal on Law and Integration (Project Reference: 610707-EPP-1-2019-1-ES-EPPJMO-NETWORK).

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