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Latest Insights and Highlights on the European Union and the European Integration


Who are the Russian Oligarchs? Recent Developments in the Case Law of the European Court of Justice


Abstract: This Insight examines the developments in the EU restrictive measures against Russia in the aftermath of the full-scale aggression in Ukraine, focusing on the novel "(g) criterion" designed to target Russian businesspersons (often referred to as Russian oligarchs). The analysis illustrates the recent litigation before the General...

The EU and Russian Aggression: Perspectives from Kant, Hobbes, and Machiavelli


Abstract: This Insight examines the stance the EU should adopt towards the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the basis of the political thought of Immanuel Kant, Thomas Hobbes, and Niccolò Machiavelli. Taking as its starting point Josep Borrell’s comment that “we are too much Kantians and not enough Hobbesians” at the 2022 EU Ambassadors’...

Media in War: An Overview of the European Restrictions on Russian Media


Abstract: The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict has triggered a multitude of media regulation challenges within the EU. With the Russian state propaganda machinery continuing to work in full swing, it has become increasingly critical for the EU to regulate media content to prevent the dissemination of disinformation, harmful and misleading information...

L’Europe est-elle queer? Homosexualité et valeurs de l’Union européenne


Abstract: One way of understanding the JK ruling is to see it as the symptom of a war of values within the European Union. In the context of “illiberal democracy”, the question of sexual identity resonates and conflicts with that of religious identity, creating a trouble within European values. In an attempt to resolve it, the jurisprudence tries to...

La directive 2000/78/CE au cœur de la politique sociale et des valeurs de l’UE. Les enjeux de l’arrêt J.K c TP S.A


Abstract: The J.K. v TP S.A ruling is an important judgment, and not only because it led the Court to settle main questions of substantive law. In the context of adapting social law to new forms of employment relations, the Court first clarified the personal scope of Directive 2000/78/CE. Secondly, it addressed the relationship between non-...

L’arrêt J.K. au prisme de la liberté contractuelle


Abstract: In the J.K. case, the CJEU condemned Polish legislation derogating, in the name of the freedom to choose a contract, from the prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment and occupation. However, one may wonder about the scope of this decision concerning the exemptions permitted by Directive 2000/78 when...

La contribution de l’arrêt J.K. à la redéfinition des frontières du droit social de l’Union


Abstract: From an EU social law perspective, the decision of the Court of justice in J.K. appears prima facie to be a step forward in the construction of a universal labour law regime. However, the case strictly limits the progress towards an assimilation of the situation of employees and self-employed, in EU social law. First, by...

Mutual Trust and EU Accession to the ECHR: Are We Over the Opinion 2/13 Hurdle?


Abstract: After more than forty years of discussion and a decade after the CJEU struck down EU accession to the ECHR in Opinion 2/13, negotiators provisionally approved a new version of the Accession Instruments in March 2023. This Insight examines how this new draft of the Accession Instruments has addressed the mutual trust concerns...

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