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Últimos Comentarios y Notas sobre la Unión Europea y la integración europea


La chiusura del dialogo “giudice a giudice” come extrema ratio nella sentenza L.G. c Krajowa Rada Sadownictwa


Abstract: Until recently, it would have been tautological to say that the question of assessing independence did not arise when the preliminary ruling instrument was activated by a national judge: judges in the Member States were presumed to be independent. However, in the context of the rule of law backsliding, with the adoption of national laws...

Access to Justice in Environmental Matters in the EU Legal Order: The “Sectoral” Turn in Legislation and Its Pitfalls


Abstract: Access to justice in environmental matters is one of the three pillars of the Aarhus Convention, to which both the EU and its Member States are Parties. In the Convention, access to justice is subdivided into four limbs. Art. 9(3) contains the general obligation of access to review procedures for the public of acts and omissions of private...

Beyond Collective Countermeasures and Towards an Autonomous External Sanctioning Power? The General Court’s Judgment in Case T-65/18 RENV, Venezuela v Council


Abstract: In case T-65/18 RENV Venezuela v Council the General Court was confronted with the question of the legality under international law of the EU’s restrictive measures against Venezuela. The judgment is of particular importance as it feeds into the burgeoning discussion regarding the juridical nature, and lawfulness, of EU...

Is EU Investment Policy Fit for Promoting Sustainable Development? Insights from the EU-Angola SIFA


Abstract: In 2019 the EU Commission launched the ambitious so-called European Green Deal, a set of proposals aimed to revise and update EU legislation and to put in place new initiatives with the goal to ensure that EU policies are in line with climate and SDGs goals. To reach the targets set out by the EU institutions, a crucial role is attributed...

Breaking a Tradition: How Signing of Agreements Is No Longer a Matter for the Council


Abstract: The European Union has always concluded international agreements with third countries and international organisations as an integral component of its external action. In contrast to its predecessors, the Treaty of Lisbon introduced a uniform procedural framework for the negotiation and conclusion of international agreements in art. 218...

Who You Gonna Call? Insights from the ECJ’s Case C-551/21 on the Signature of International Agreements


Abstract: The current Insight analyses the judgment of the European Court of Justice in Case C-551/21, which upheld the Commission's claim regarding its right to exercise the external act of treaty signature. The decision sheds light on the signature procedure outlined in art. 218 TFEU and adds to previous cases, clarifying the proper...

The If and the How: Losing the EU Citizenship, but with Due Regard to the Due Process of (EU) Law


Abstract: The judgment in Stadt Duisburg, concerning the loss of German (and, thus, EU) citizenship in the context of naturalization proceedings, adds a new chapter to the “judicial saga” of loss of a Member State’s citizenship and compatibility of its national measures with EU law. This Insight focuses on such a case-law of the...

Nuances et limites de l’unité de l’UE dans sa réponse à l’invasion de l’Ukraine par la Russie


Abstract: In response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine on 24th February 2022, the European Union adopted clear position under its Common Foreign and Security Policy. Yet, the EU has to deal with opposite state policies that illustrate persisting dissensions between its Member States. In the meantime, the international context forces the EU to face up...

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