European Papers - Call for Submissions

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European Papers is a Journal on Law and Integration and welcomes submissions both for the e-Journal, which intends to be a tool for reflecting, analysing and debating on the process of European legal integration, on its causes and its functioning, and on its most remote interconnections with other social events, and also for the European Forum, which forms an agora designed to be a hotbed of intellectual discussion, a breeding place for ideas, and an indispensable tool for updating and sharing new developments and case law.

Manuscripts (in English) submitted for the e-Journal and Highlights and Insights (in English, French, Italian or Spanish) submitted for the European Forum are peer-reviewed.

European Papers is known for its speedy publication. Accepted contributions to the European Forum can usually be published within a week.

European Papers is a non-commercial project aiming at an exchange of views among academics and practitioners alike.

European Forum - Call for Submissions


European Forum


Forum Européen


Forum europeo


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