European Forum Call for Contributions: Special Focus on 'The EU and Climate Change'

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Climate change is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most, significant challenges of the 21st century. The European Union and its Member States are beginning to develop various actions in this field, which we propose to analyze collectively in a Special Focus on "The European Union and climate change". From the perspective of European integration and European Union law, four core areas of inquiry can be identified.

The first line of thought concerns the competences of the European Union in the field of climate change. The Forum would welcome contributions both to clarifying the competences of the European Union in environmental matters and identifying responsibilities shared with Member States. Furthermore, as the fight against climate change involves the adaptation of many social and economic activities, studies on the impact of the fight against climate change on other EU policies would also be welcome.

The second area of study focuses on the EU's participation in international forums, conferences and instruments relevant to the fight against climate change. Contributions would be welcome on the state of the European Union's external action in this field, especially from the point of view of international organizations and treaties. In particular, detailed analyses of the participation of the Union and its members in multilateral instruments concerning climate change would be welcome, especially from the point of view of collective or individual commitments made in the international arena and the solidarity responsibilities arising from them.

The third line of research concerns the European Union's internal action on climate change such as European Commission's action program and the Green Deal. Contributions could also explore the way in which the European Union implements its international commitments in the framework of its internal policies. Here again, the relationship between the Union and its Member States deserves particular attention.

The fourth area of reflection concerns the emergence of climate litigation at the national and European level. Contributions would be welcome on the national and regional developments of this type of litigation (France, Portugal, Ireland, ECHR, CJEU, among others). Further analysis could scrutinise on the content of the arguments put forward in the context of this emerging litigation. Of particular interest is the connection between the failure of the State or institutionsand responsibility arising from international commitments and issues relating to human rights.

The European Forum welcomes contributions under these four themes: competences, international instruments, adaptation of internal policies and climate change litigation.

As the European Forum is multilingual, contributions can be written in English, French, Italian or Spanish. They will take the form of Highlights or Insight (for templates, Style Guide and further info, see "Submitting Highlights and Insights to the European Forum").

Please, send your manuscripts to

We look forward to reading you soon!

Charlotte Beaucillon and Benedikt Pirker
The Editors of the Special Focus


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