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How to submit Highlights and Insights to the European Forum

Authors are invited to submit their Highlights and Insights for publication on the European Forum to the following e-mail address:
Manuscripts sent through other channels will not be considered for evaluation.
Before submitting their manuscripts, Authors are strongly recommended to read the following instructions and the European Papers Style Guide, also for citation of authorities, legislation, judicial decisions teachings and other legal materials.
Authors are kindly invited to use the following template: Eurpopean Forum Template.

Instructions for submitting Highlights and Insights

1. All Highlights and Insights for the European Forum must be original and not published or under consideration for publication elsewhere. Before publishing on the European Forum, Authors are invited to express their consent to publish and to transfer the corresponding copyright. Therefore, when submitting the manuscript, Authors are requested to fill in, subscribe and submit to the "Copyright and Consent to Publish" form.
2. Highlights and Insights for the European Forum can be written in English, French, Italian or Spanish. Authors who are not native-speakers in the language used for the manuscript are strongly recommended to obtain a good linguistic revision before submitting the manuscript.
3. Highlights should normally range from 500 to 1.000 words in length, footnotes included. Insights should range from 1.500 to 5.500 words in length, footnotes included.
4. In drafting the manuscript, Authors are requested to quote precisely the complete URL of webpages as referred to in the text or in the footnotes, in order to allow the Editorial Staff to create the corresponding hyperlink when the manuscript will be on-line. Authors are also requested to indicate the area and the sector of relevance for the manuscript.

Manuscripts Review Process

Manuscripts submitted for the European Forum will be subject to a blind peer review.
At the end of the blind peer review, the manuscript may be: accepted without any further revision; accepted with revisions; rejected. In case of manuscript accepted with revisions, the Author will be required to amend the text in accordance with the reviewers’ indications. A deadline for submitting the revised version will be established taking into account the nature and quantity of the requested revisions. Upon receipt of the revised version, the Editors will submit it again to reviewers asking them for a final approval on publication.
The Editors will inform Authors on the blind peer review’s status and outcome. In any case, the acceptance of a manuscript for the European Forum will be communicated to the Author before publication.