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The EU’s Relations with Its Neighbours:
Between Colonialism and Canada

6 March 2020 – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

As Brexit reminds us, the EU cannot always rely on its neighbours being rule-takers. Yet those neighbours may still want close relations, and the EU may want them too. Are the current models of neighbourly relations up the task? What kind of relation with the EU do its neighbours want, which issues matter to them, and how much discrepancy is there between their vision and that of the EU?

13.00-14.30     Institutions and Complexity

Benedikt Pirker (University of Fribourg)
EU-Swiss Relations and the Draft Framework Agreement: State of Play, General Lessons?

Andrea Ott (University of Maastricht)
The Area of Freedom, Security and Justice and Its Agencies

Ramses Wessel (University of Groningen)
Differentiated Integration in EU Foreign, Security and Defence Policy: Options for Neighbouring States

14.30-15.30   –   The Eastern Frontier

Adam Lazowski (Westminster University)
The ENP Avant Garde

Peter van Elsuwege (University of Gent)
TThe EU And Its Eastern Neighbours: Between Partnership And Association

15.45-17.15   –   Values and Neighbours

Christina Eckes (University of Amsterdam)
Sustainability and Protectionism

Ulad Belavusau (Asser Institute)
Citizenship, Memory and the EU-Israel Relationship

Pola Cebulak (University of Amsterdam)
Legislative Override in EU-Morocco Relations


9.30-12.00     European Papers Board Meeting


    EP-JMN - Workshop The EU’s Relations with Its Neighbours

Venue: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Main Building, Room 1A-43
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