European Forum - Special Focus on 'The Russian War Against Ukraine and the Law of the European Union'

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European Papers is pleased to announce the launch of a Special Focus on 'The Russian War Against Ukraine and the Law of the European Union', edited by Charlotte Beaucillon, Teresa Cabrita, Melanie Fink, Stefano Montaldo and Jed Odermatt.

Charlotte Beaucillon, Teresa Cabrita, Melanie Fink, Stefano Montaldo and Jed Odermatt, Special Focus on EU Strategic Autonomy and Technological Sovereignt. An Introduction
Francesca Capone, The Wave of Russian Attacks on Ukraine’s Power Infrastructures: An Opportunity to Infuse Meaningfulness into the Notion of 'Dual-use Objects'?
Luigi Lonardo, The European Political Community: A Nebulous Answer to the Strategic Question of How to Unite Europe
Stefania Rutigliano, Ukraine Conflict’s Impact on European Defence and Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO)
Sylvain Thiéry, La protection temporaire de l'Union européenne en faveur des ressortissants ukrainiens: perspectives d’avenir après un an d’application
Elise Ruggeri Abonnat, Admission et protection des investissements étrangers à l’ère des sanctions européennes contre la Russie visant à protéger l’intégrité territoriale de l’Ukraine
Federica Favuzza, How Does Belligerent Occupation End? Some Reflections on the Future of the Territories Occupied in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict
Veronika Bílková, The Effects of the Conflict in Ukraine on the Human Rights Situation Within the European Union
Roberto Caranta, The EU’s Role in Ammunition Procurement
Roman Petrov, Bumpy Road of Ukraine Towards the EU Membership in Time of War: “Accession Through War” v “Gradual Integration”
Illia Chernohorenko, Seizing Russian Assets to Compensate for Human Rights Violations in Ukraine: Navigating the Legal Labyrinth
Clara Portela, Sanctions and the Geopolitical Commission: The War over Ukraine and the Transformation of EU Governance
Suhong Yang and Yudan Tan, The Joint Investigation Team in Ukraine: Challenges and Opportunities for the International Criminal Court
Benedetta Lobina, Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Impact of Rule of Law Backsliding on the EU’s Response to the Russo-Ukrainian War
Iulia Anosova, Battles on Different Fronts: The Role of the EU in Strengthening the Response of Ukraine to Gender-based Violence, Including Conflict-related Sexual Violence, Since Russia’s Invasion
Stéphane Rodrigues, Financing European Defence: The End of Budgetary Taboos
Gergely Ference Lendvai, Media in War: An Overview of the European Restrictions on Russian Media
Francesca Finelli, Who are the Russian Oligarchs? Recent Developments in the Case Law of the European Court of Justice
Joris van de Riet and Femke Klaver, The EU and Russian Aggression: Perspectives from Kant, Hobbes, and Machiavelli
Alberto Vecchio, Changing the Flow: The European Response to the Russian Weaponization of Gas
Mary Lambard, Les interventions des États membres de l’UE dans l’affaire Ukraine c Russie devant la CIJ
Ludivine Luc, Nuances et limites de l’unité de l’UE dans sa réponse à l’invasion de l’Ukraine par la Russie