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The Iran Nuclear Deal and the Future of the European Foreign Policy
Special Section – Democratising the Euro Area Through a Treaty?
edited by Ségolène Barbou des Places
Democratising the Eurozone: Some Lessons To Be Drawn from T-Dem
Ségolène Barbou des Places
T-Dem Versus Economic Meta-policy: The Means and the Ends
Sébastien Adalid
Taking Democracy Seriously in the Euro Area: Reinvigorating the European Parliament's Functions and Responsibilities
Frédéric Allemand
The “T-Dem” for Democratising the Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union – A Critical Appraisal
Nathalie Brack, Olivier Costa, and Amandine Crespy
Making Democracy the Priority in EU Economic Governance: Four Theses on the Foundations of the T-Dem Project
Ben Crum
Genuine Economic and Monetary Union Will Be Federal or It Will not Be
Andrew Duff
Comments on the Draft Treaty on the Democratisation of the Governance of the Euro Area
Christian Joerges
A New Parliamentary Assembly for the Eurozone: A Wrong Answer to a Real Democratic Problem?
Nicola Lupo
Notes on the “Draft Treaty on the Democratization of the Governance of the Euro Area”
Andrea Manzella
Democratising the Euro Area Without the European Parliament and Outside of the EU System. A Legal Analysis of the Draft Treaty on the Democratisation of the Governance of the Euro Area (“T-Dem”)
Sébastien Platon
The T-Dem as a Realistic Utopia: Why It Fits with What We Know About Parliaments
Olivier Rozenberg
A Eurozone Congress
Luuk van Middleaar and Vestert Borger