European Forum Call for Papers: Special Focus on 'The Russian War Against Ukraine and the Law of the European Union'

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After only a few weeks, it has become clear that the war waged by the Russian Federation against Ukraine is reshaping not only the landscape of international relations, but also the European Union. Beyond the tragic devastation, suffering and loss of human life, legal questions abound. Other fora have extensively focused on the international law aspects of this severe crisis such as the prohibition to use force or international humanitarian law. The present Special Focus on “The Russian War Against Ukraine and the Law of the European Union” aims to shed more light on the transformation that the EU seems to be undergoing as a reaction to the war. 

We therefore would like to invite submissions on all issues that authors consider clearly related to European Union law. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: legal aspects of sanctions, the use of the Peace Facility, the likely impact of the war on the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy or EU external relations law more generally. Non-legal contributions that take into account the evolving landscape of EU law are also expressly invited.

The European Forum accepts contributions in English, French, Italian or Spanish. They can take the form of Highlights or Insights; please consult European Papers web-site on Submitting Highlights and Insights to the European Forum for a template, the EP Style Guide and additional information.

Manuscripts should be sent to

We look forward to reading you soon!

The European Forum Editors

European Papers, News of 29 March 2022
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