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A Question of Jurisdiction: Art. 267 TFEU Preliminary References of a CFSP Nature


Abstract: Can the Court of Justice of the European Union assert jurisdiction and provide a national court with an interpretation of Union law in a case referred to it from a national court under an Art. 267 TFEU preliminary reference, when the subject matter is in regard to the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)? This was one of a number of...

Inter-Environnement Expanded: Another Brick Out of the Wall of EU Law Supremacy?


Abstract: In Association France Nature Environnement (judgment of 28 July 2016, case C-379/15), the Court of Justice dealt with two issues. First, is it possible for national courts to limit the effects of a judicial decision annulling national law contrary to EU law in the field of environmental protection? Second, are national courts...

L’obbligo (flessibile) di rinvio pregiudiziale e i possibili fattori di un suo irrigidimento. Riflessioni in margine alla sentenza Association France Nature Environnement


Abstract: In its judgement of 28 July 2016 (case C-41/11, Inter-Environnement Wallonie e Terre wallonne), the CJEU confirmed its settled case law concerning the interpretation of Art. 267, para. 3, TFEU. Indeed, since CILFIT, the CJEU has allowed national courts of last instance to solve by themselves interpretative problems in the...

Denialism as the Supreme Expression of Realism – A Quick Comment on NF v. European Council


Abstract: By Order of 28 February 2017 in case T-192/16, NF v. European Council, the General Court dismissed as inadmissible an action for annulment brought against the s.c. EU-Turkey deal concluded on 18 March 2016. In the view of the General Court, independently of its binding nature, the deal is to be attributed to the Member States and...

L’accordo per il Tribunale unificato dei brevetti: quali prospettive dopo la ratifica italiana e la Brexit?


Abstract: The entry into force of the Agreement on the Unified Patent Court looks nowadays even more uncertain than it did before. The Brexit has seriously impacted on the cautious optimisms believing in its possible entry into force by Spring 2017. While the ratification process keeps moving onwards – reaching in November 2016 the thirteenth...

Il “battesimo del fuoco” della direttiva sui prodotti del tabacco, tra esigenze di armonizzazione e di tutela della salute pubblica


Abstract: On 4 May 2016, the ECJ delivered three judgments concerning the validity of the “Tobacco Products Directive”. This article focuses on the legal basis of this controversial act and on the fundamental rights’ restrictions provided for therein. As for the legal basis, the ECJ's judgments found that, in order to avoid the negative impact of...