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The European Forum is designed to be a hotbed of intellectual discussion, a breeding place for ideas, and an indispensable tool for updating and keeping in touch with the latest developments on European integration.

The European Forum aims at being an interlocutor for an open set of recipients. To achieve this aim, it publishes Highlights and Insights in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

The European Forum is not inspired by preconceived ideas or ideologies. It has been conceived of as an area where every hypothesis about the process of integration in Europe can be freely verified and discussed. It intends to be a living laboratory for the analysis of a social phenomenon whose uniqueness vis-à-vis the contemporary legal and political categories has been widely recognised. Yet, the European Forum has the ambition to go beyond this recognition and appreciate, day after day, its technical as well as its conceptual features, in the belief that this is the path through which the scientific knowledge can advance.

It is our hope that we will not be left alone in this impervious road.